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Our Foundation Dogs

CHELSEA Ch. Ridona's Colorado Spring, CD, CGC "Chelsea"

Breeders: Naomi Rigas, J Anderson & M Clapp
4/1/88 to 6/2/00

I got Chelsea when I was 14 years old.  Naomi gave her to me as a Junior Showmanship companion, and she went on to become the beginning of Alar Brittanys.  I won my first points at a dog show with her -- a major, at that.  She finished with 3 majors, and helped me to my first Best Junior Handler win.  Chelsea had 3 litters, from which came 3 show Champions (see the Past Champions page).

Chelsea stayed with my mother in the Bay Area after I moved out in 1997. She was always a spunky trouble-maker, even as a "senior citizen", so that was no small task for my mom! Her wild ways were brought to an end by pneumonia not long after her 12th birthday, in June 2000. She was a perfect dog to introduce me to the breed and I am so thankful Naomi entrusted her to me.

BANNER Ch. Ridona's Proud Heritage "Banner"

Breeders: Naomi Rigas & Jessica Anderson
5/1/89 to 2/92

When Chelsea was busy with puppies in 1990, I started showing Banner in Juniors, and found even greater success.  He helped me to several Best Junior Handler wins while I was also showing him in the classes.  He also finished with 3 majors. By his own sneakiness, he sired two litters with Chelsea -- guess we should have learned after the first!  But without Banner's determination, we would never have had Holly, who gave us Chase.  Unfortunately, Banner was killed by a car before his fourth birthday in February, 1993.  I am glad to have had him, even if for such a short time.

BANNER Ch. Sovereign Alar Skyrocket, JH "Halley"

Breeders: Dawn & Joe Droel
January 2001 - April 2015

Halley came to us after a few years' break from dogs, and became a "new" foundation for us. Halley had two litters that each produced an outstanding Dual Champion. She was one of a kind and truly adored by us! Halley has her own story to tell, so click here for Halley's page.

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