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Brittany Breed Information

Known since the mid-19th century in the French province by the same name, the Brittany is the smallest of the versatile gun dogs. Though spaniel-sized (average 30-45 lbs.), the Brittany is a pointing breed, not a spaniel. For this reason, the American Brittany Club purposely left the world "spaniel" out of the club's name, and the American Kennel Club also dropped the word from the breed's name in 1981. The Brittany points and holds his game, and can retrieve both on land and in water. He is used primarily on upland game in the United States, but is used on both fur and feather in France. This is a compact, closely knit dog of medium size, able to cover ground with agility. A Brittany's medium-length coat is flat or wavy, and may be colored orange and white, liver and white, or tri-color, in clear or roan patterns.

Brittanys have more Dual Champions (field trial and show) than all other Sporting breeds combined. The Brittany is carefully bred to retain this dual purpose. Brittanys are known for having a keen nose and a very biddable disposition; they bond and work closely with their human partners. This allows the Brittany's success in field trials, hunting tests, conformation shows, obedience trials, agility trials, tracking tests, and about anything else they are given a chance at!

This is a fun-loving, energetic, friendly and affectionate breed, known to be patient and trustworthy with children. Intelligent and eager to please, with daily exercise the Brittany makes an excellent companion.

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We compete with our Brittanys in dog shows and field trials in order to demonstrate their conformity to the breed standard, natural instincts and trainability in the field, and worthiness against competitors from both venues. Anyone can say they have the most beautiful dog, or the best hunting dog, but we believe that the challenge of competition against great dogs in the field and show ring helps to establish our dogs' credentials in the Brittany community, as well as giving an indication of their comparative potential as contributors to the breed. For breeders and puppy buyers who are not able to visit and watch our dogs in person, their field & show records can give some indication of how they stack up against competition in different events and parts of the country. We believe that strong competition sets a higher standard for everyone, so we always look forward to participating in some of the biggest and most prestigious shows & field trials in the country.

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While we strive for field and show wins and titles on all our dogs, those are not the most important consideration in our breeding program. We try to fully and honestly evaluate each dog's field and show qualities as well as its overall health and temperament, so that we can choose dogs to complement each others' faults and virtues. Then we also take into consideration the production abilities of the parents and/or dogs in the immediate pedigree (2-3 generations).

If you have never had a Brittany before, please read over our article, "Choosing A Brittany". What you want to do with your Brittany can help you decide where to get one. If you want to compete in shows or field trials, want to breed, or want a dog that is guaranteed to be an oustanding hunting companion, find a well-bred dog from a good breeder. We will be happy to help you find a suitable dog or puppy, even if we don't have anything available or upcoming. If you're just looking for a pet and/or to compete in obedience, agility, or hunting tests, please consider adopting a spayed/neutered dog from American Brittany Rescue. There are always a lot of great Brittanys of all ages, descriptions and backgrounds across the country that for various reasons have found themselves in need of a new home.

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