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Tequila's Red CorvetteCh. Triple Shot of Tequila

Breeder: Jessica Carlson
Owners: Katherine Thompson & Jessica Carlson
wh. 9/1/11
PennHIP .42L/.48R (click here to read why we use PennHIP)

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I had not planned a third litter for Taryn, but in the summer of 2011, she decided otherwise. We didn't even know the breeding took place and when we finally realized she was pregnant, figured we would have to DNA the puppies to find out who her secret lover had been! Three puppies were born the day before Taryn turned 9, and I named them Corvette, Tattoo, and Fling -- Mom's "midlife crisis" puppies!

Our best guess on the sire since he was closest in proximity was Ed's dog Nitro Express, and that was confirmed by DNA profiling. Nitro was an extremely talented juvenile who always ran big and to the front, and he pointed with style. Nitro was Runner-Up at the 2006 Victoire Nationale Derby Championship, but an unpredictable incident later occurred during a training session caused an issue with Nitro that Ed decided he did not have time to work on, since he was just turning pro and needed to concentrate on his client dogs. Nitro went to another trainer who did fix the issue, but unfortunately after being consistently worked on birds in a small area for several months, Nitro never quite ran the same again. I would have preferred Taryn choose a titled dog to sire her last litter, but knowing her, I figured she was going to show me she knew more about producing good puppies than I do -- and sure enough, she turned out three very nice puppies from the breeding I never wanted! Tattoo was the only boy, and was often overwhelmed by his two naughty sisters, so our friend Katherine Thompson agreed to take him to her place in Idaho when he was 3 months old. Better known as "Zac" around Katherine's place, our boy soon wormed his way into her heart and officially became hers the following summer.

Tattoo got a jump start on his show title, winning a major at the Indian Nations specialty at his very first show! Tattoo had 4 majors from the 6-9 months puppy class in his first few shows during the summer of 2012, then went to work in the field. He quickly had his puppy points and then won two big Derby stakes at the first two trials in 2013 to finish out his juvenile points! Needing just 3 points to complete his show title, Tattoo was entered in two shows that summer and finished with a 5th major win to his credit. He is a big, bold runner in the field who always carries his head and tail high, and shows terrific style on point.

sire, Nitro Express

10 weeks

Day of his first show & first major at 8 months old

on point


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