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Ch. Almaden's Grace Under Fire

Breeders: FG & Sherry Larsen
Owners:  FG & Sherry Larsen
wh. 9/27/03

Click here to view Gracie's pedigree

"Gracie" is a sister to River, who I co-own with Bud & Sherry. Gracie was born a natural bob-tail, with just a couple of small vertebrae tucked in close to her body. Since that seemed to doom any potential hopes of competition, Gracie was meant to be the pet that would get to stay home with Sherry's daughter and family. Eventually it became clear that their fence would not hold a Brittany, and after Gracie's mother escaped and was killed by a car, Gracie went back to live with Bud & Sherry. Eventually, she also went for training with John Kline, who fell in love with Gracie and completed her early training and first summer in Montana. After John's retirement, Gracie went with trainer Ed Tillson for her first field trial season in 2007. She is a fast, smart and intense Gun Dog who is fun to watch. She got several placements with Ed, and one AFC point the first time I handled her in an Amateur Gun Dog stake.

In the spring of 2007 I told Sherry we had been hearing so many compliments on Gracie, and she was in such great condition, we should put her in some shows and see what the judges would think about a nice little bob-tailed liver girl. Gracie won twice in her first weekend, and in just 15 shows was a champion with two specialty wins and three majors to her credit, having won 1st or 2nd in her class all but once! Gracie's clean, sound movement, proper proportions, beautiful head and short, solid topline made her an easy winner -- although a few judges did have to check the standard and make sure that Brittanys are in fact allowed to be tailless!

Gracie on point, November 2007

sire "Shadow"

dam "Winnie"


DC Almaden's River of Shadows
"River" owned by FG & Sherry Larsen & Jessica Carlson
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DC Almaden's Lone Shadow Dancer
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Ch. Almaden's Miss Satin Doll
"Missy" owned by Bill & Judy Cappello
Juvenile Field Trial Placement

Almaden's Rocky River
"Rocky" owned by Katie Patrick & Sherry Larsen
Dual pointed (now deceased)

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