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Tequila SonriseTequila Sonrise

Breeder/Owner: Jessica Carlson
wh. 2/8/2017

Click here to view Easton's pedigree

Easton was my early pick from a long-awaited breeding to NAFC/GFC Spanish Corral's Sonny Patch. I was a fan of Patch from the first time I saw him, and couldn't wait to see what he'd produce! The opportunity finally arose with Mattie, and Easton is a very pleasing result! A very handsome, well-built young dog, I always say Easton is the "happiest dog in town" as his tail is always wagging when he's out and about. In the field though, he is all business and is a consistently strong competitor in puppy stakes so far. He has multiple Puppy placements as well as his first point in the show ring. Like his parents, Easton is very stylish on point, and generally a dog I'm excited about watching grow up, so stay tuned!
Alar's Dirty Dancer

first show major - 18 months old


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