2018 Litter Plans
We will only be taking advance reservations from competition homes for this litter. We may have one or more puppies available to hunting/companion homes after evaluation when the pups are 6-8 weeks old. If you're interested in this breeding and we already know you, please feel free to e-mail. All others, please complete our Questionnaire to inquire.
"PATCH" gained my admiration the first time I saw him perform in the field. He is a hard running, hard pointing, supreme bird finder who finished his Field Championship at 17 months of age, and has matured into a superb All Age competitor. Patch has 4 American Field Championship wins to his name and 2 Runner-Up Championships. He comes from a long line of National winners, and he lived up to the legacy by winning the 2015 ABC National Amateur Field Championship. Patch and his sire, Sonny are regularly hunted over, and are also beloved home companions that are easy to live with. Patch has several young offspring now winning in the field, and some starting in shows as well. Our keeper from our first litter by Patch, now one year old is Tequila Sonrise. Click here to see more about Patch
litter dam: DC ALAR'S DIRTY DANCER (PennHIP .40L .34R, Eyes normal)

"DANI" was my first liver roan -- not even one I planned on, but she won my heart from her first days! Dani has become one of my favorites just for her personality, but she also proved to be a natural in the field, an excellent field trial competitor, and finished her show title easily in just a handful of shows. Dani completed her Dual Championship by winning three adult stakes at the same trial, her Amateur Field Championship by earning her first 1-hour stake placement. She has since also earned a Runner-Up Championship and continues to prove herself as a strong competitor in All Age stakes. She is at her best in the open prairie where she loves to cover the country, especially if she might find wild birds! Dani has produced multiple titled and pointed offspring from her first two litters. We are very pleased with her puppies and can't wait to see what she and Patch produce! Click here for more details on Dani's page