"Riser" - available to a hunting/companion home
(out of NAFC/GFC/FC/AFC Spanish Corral's Sonny Patch & CH Shadow's Peppermint Twist)

"RISER" is a special young boy looking to become someone's cherished hunting buddy! Born 2/8/17, he is neutered (and does not lift his leg), crate trained, well started in the field, and is looking for a home where he can have plenty of love and attention in the house with his new family, and also get to go hunting. Riser would also be a good prospect for hunting tests or walking field trials if the new owner is interested, but we do not require the new owner to compete with him. You can see photos and details on Riser's parents on this page, and watch video of him below.

Riser is still very much a puppy, with an always happy and eager disposition. He never has a bad day, seems to love everything he does and always wants to please. He is happy to meet any person or dog, and he is always happy to play! He has not been around very small children and may at first be a bit too exhuberant around them :) We've had him indoors under supervision and he has not had an accident inside, but is let out frequently and will still need some maturation to be considered fully housebroken.

In the field, Riser typically ranges up to 200 yards, and while he can range out of sight in cover or hills, he will check back and handle kindly. For the safety of our dogs and our own peace of mind, we strongly recommend the use of a GPS tracking collar for all our dogs anytime they're turned loose. Riser has also been conditioned to an e-collar (although he rarely requires a nick on a low setting); you will see him wearing all three collars in the top right photo. He is very stylish on point and has shown it on wild pheasants and sharptails, as well as pen-raised quail and chukar. He is most fond of the prairie and hills, but has no problem working through thicker cover too. He is at his best in cooler weather, and happy to get in the water when it's warmer. Once on point, Riser will hold until he's approached and then will flush and chase the first bird he finds. We have also been able to steady him on a check cord and walk around in front of him. We have just started Riser on retrieving, and with encouragement he has already retrieved to hand with a soft mouth. You can see him at work in the field, on point, and retrieving in the video.

Riser has spent the summer at our training camp in Montana, and in mid-September will go on the road with us during our fall field trial season in the midwest. Transport with friends from nearby states may be arranged, or he can fly by air after about October 5. He is AKC registered, current on all vaccinations, will be guaranteed in writing, and we always offer to take any of our dogs back at any time for any reason -- though we're certain Riser's new owner will never want to part with him! We will also offer a complimentary 1-year membership in the American Brittany Club to his new owner. Price is $2500 and a promise to send pictures and updates!

Please complete our Questionnaire to inquire about Riser